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Implenia in figures

How is Implenia doing after the first half of 2019?

Implenia is on track with its new strategy and well positioned for new success in its markets. Current figures and more can be found in our financial publications.


Implenia Instandsetzung restores the "Hyparschale" in Magdeburg with carbon concrete technology

Implenia Instandsetzung has been awarded the contract to refurbish the "Hyparschale" in Magdeburg. The contract is worth around EUR 2 million. The "Hyparschale" is a column-free hall with a square base area of 48 x 48 meters and is one of the most famous buildings in the state capital.

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Wooden Construction

Implenia builds Switzerland’s tallest wooden building

Implenia, together with Duplex Architekten and WaltGalmarini Ingenieure, is building a unique residential tower block for V-ZUG Immobilien AG as part of the Zug Tech Cluster: Switzerland’s first timber-built high-rise will be 80 metres tall and will prioritise environmental and social sustainability. Implenia is carrying out the order, worth more than CHF 100 million, as total contractor.

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Implenia erecting an integrated centre for initial and continuing training for all emergency service organisations in Zurich

The emergency service organisations in Zurich live by the motto “know the minds to go to in times of crisis”. To make this motto all the more applicable, initial and continuing trainings are to take place at a central venue in the future. That is why a carefully designed training complex for emergency medical services, the police and fire brigades is being created at Areal Rohwiesen in north Zurich.

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Overview of our services

Economical, integrated and customer-centric.

Thanks to its proven specialists and many years of experience, Implenia can support a client’s building project all the way through its lifecycle.

Key projects

Wide variety of projects in all divisions and home markets

Implenia is constructing some outstanding projects. The Group’s experts are currently working on an underground project for the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) in Cessy, France, for example. This new infrastructure is needed for CERN’s flagship expansion project, the High Luminosity LHC particle accelerator.

Implenia will also finish building the Bavaria Towers in Munich this year, while in the German capital it is currently ensuring that the façades of the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace are returned to their former glory. In Fribourg, Switzerland, Implenia is currently developing and building sustainable spaces where dual flow ventilation and district heating are helping to ensure that a residential development has Minergie-level energy efficiency.

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