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Implenia in figures

Built to Build – 2019 Annual Results

Implenia meets expectations and delivers solid performance and free cash flow. Please find the figures and much more in our Annual Report.

Change with structure. And culture.

Five values for a global corporate culture

Change takes time, courage and clear objectives. In 2019, Implenia introduced a new corporate strategy and started implementing it consistently. The reorganisation of our business into four divisions provided a stable platform for the internal change required. We also defined five corporate values to help guide all our employees through the ongoing transformation process. These principles are the foundations of an innovative corporate culture, and they play a significant role in the achievement of our business objectives.

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Digital construction

The more the world grows together, the more important digital methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) become. Implenia was quick to recognise this and has actively pushed the integrated planning and execution of building projects. A Group-wide approach was defined in 2019, the aim of which is to establish a standardised digital BIM-based process along the whole value chain. A global BIM team has continued to develop use cases, some of which are being tested across all the divisions. Local BIM experts are helping project teams to apply these use cases in practice. In addition, Divisions Buildings, Development and Civil Engineering have each established their own BIM Core Teams.

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CEO in dialogue 

Successfully towards a new world of construction

Evidence of how fast the world is changing is everywhere. In the middle of all this change, Implenia has embarked on its own active transformation process so that it can do even more to help shape the spaces where people live in future. “Built to build” not only describes the result of the recent realignment, but also stands as a clear mission statement for each individual project: Implenia develops, plans and constructs buildings and infrastructure for future modern life.

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Annual report

Implenia meets expectations in transition year 2019

Implenia has met expectations with its results for the 2019 financial year. The internationally active Swiss construction services provider achieved EBITDA of CHF 186.8 million after strategy implementation costs of around CHF 20 million. Implenia is executing its new strategy rigorously and successfully. The operating model and new organisational structure have been bedded in quickly and are having a positive impact. Significant progress has been made on the implementation of strategic priorities in all areas.

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Ina Invest

Implenia intends to transfer half its attractive development portfolio at market price to a new real estate company in the second quarter of 2020: Ina Invest AG will help us continue to build systematically on our excellent track record as an innovative, integrated real estate developer – for the new company as well as for Implenia. Our shareholders can only benefit.

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[Translate to English:] Profitable Growth

Profitable growth

Use opportunities. Control risks.

Can you control growth sustainably? And how do you make sure revenues stays profitable? The main component of the “Profitable Growth” part of our strategy is the new Value Assurance approach. The “INSPIRE” ERP harmonisation project allows us to continue digitalizing our core processes and make data available to everyone in a standardised way. The aim of both initiatives is to make the most of opportunities and monitor risks across all project phases.

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Overview of our services

Economical, integrated and customer-centric.

Thanks to its proven specialists and many years of experience, Implenia can support a client’s building project all the way through its lifecycle.

Any questions? We would be happy to discuss your needs.