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Implenia construction managers volunteer for NGO Smiling Gecko

Christian Vonow, Implenia construction manager, has been committed to the NGO Smiling Gecko for three months and is enthusiastic about his project work in Cambodia. 

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Lean is simply brilliant

The principles behind a lean philosophy are also proving their worth in the department of Modernisation. A new online planning tool helps to avoid idle time on the construction site. The team around Caroline Beyerle, Roland Bamert and Henning Puhl is mastering a pilot project in Zurich. 

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Behind the scenes in Modernisation as a trainee

Lirona Sadriu (17) is a trainee management assistant at Implenia and actively supported the Modernisation Department for six months. We talked to her about her experience, hobbies and the next stage of her training.

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Smart Home

Marc Fontolliet heads up the Modernisation unit at Implenia. When it comes to the digitalization of private residential space, the needs of the tenants are of key importance to him.

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2018: Sustainability in the portfolio

Sustainability in the portfolio: economic efficiency, technical feasibility and political desires

  • An overview of the Swiss housing market
  • The economics of sustainable buildings in the portfolio
  • The economic efficiency of specific renovation measures

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2017: Urban densification

2016: The future of residential construction

2015: The conversion of office buildings


Contact persons

Marc Fontolliet
Head Modernisation, Head Zürich region

T: 058 474 07 96

[Translate to English:] Angelo Colacicco
Angelo Colacicco
Head of acquisition Modernization, project management
Contact for the Zurich East region

T: +41 58 474 01 13

Philippe Laurent Kaufmann
Head of Modernisation
German-speaking Switzerland

T: +41 58 474 27 50

Eric Burg
Head of Modernisation
Western Switzerland

T: +41 58 474 2022

Bersanti Mozzetti
Bersanti Mozzetti
Head of Construction Modernisation Zurich, pollutant cleanup, master builder work
Contact for the Zurich East region

T: +41 58 474 01 25

Philipp Behncke
Head of Construction a.i.

T: +41 58 474 18 48


Implenia Switzerland AG

T: +41 58 474 75 00
F: +41 58 474 95 11

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