Pont Neuf - Replacement Kettenbrücke Aarau

Short description

The project includes the dismantling of the existing Kettenbrücke bridge and the construction of the new Aare bridge "Pont Neuf" in Aarau.

The project

The new arched bridge over the Aare in Aarau is an opportunity for the city and canton to give the capital a new landmark. It blends into the historic old town setting and enhances the riverside spaces, which are very popular with the population. The structure is a modern concrete construction with extremely demanding structural forms and high requirements in terms of aesthetic appearance.

The ARGE Kettenbrücke, consisting of Implenia Schweiz AG, Rothpletz, Lienhard + Cie AG and Meier + Jäggi AG, was commissioned with the construction of the temporary auxiliary bridge (forebatch of the main bridge) as well as with the realisation of the new replacement structure (main lot). The ARGE partners are proud to be able to build this new landmark for the cantonal capital.

Services in detail

Falsework construction, concrete construction, bridge construction, special civil engineering, road construction, hydraulic engineering, repair, etc.


  • Technically demanding construction methods (special civil engineering in flowing water, demolition work at difficult-to-access work sites). 
  • Extremely demanding concrete work due to very complex building geometry. 
  • High aesthetic demands on exposed concrete surfaces (pigmented special concrete, "rough" exposed concrete surface with "wildly" offset formwork board structure) 
  • Construction site in an inner-city area 

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