White Paper Construction maintenance

With this white paper, we would like to give chief administrative officers and other responsible persons in municipalities an overview of the topic of bridge maintenance and preservation.

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Constructions in safe hands

Construction maintenance

White Paper Building Preservation

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Partners along the building life cycle

We cannot continue as it is, otherwise we will be confronted with unforeseeable risks.

Volker Wissing Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Germany(Die Zeit)

Figures in Switzerland


Artificial structures in Switzerland


% of the artificial structures are damaged


% of the road network under the responsibility of cantons and municipalities

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Concept development


Building preservation

Innovative technologies

The proper use of innovative technologies can bring many benefits, such as more precise monitoring, time savings, increased safety, cost savings.


Digital twin


AI-supported damage detection

Predictive Maintenance

Building Preservation White Paper

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