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Anita Eckardt
Head Division Specialties
Carlos Pinto
Managing director
Facade technology
Christoph Zimmermann
Managing director
Timber construction
Daniel Krause
Managing director
BCL Building Construction Logistics
Holger Tolls
Holger Tolls
Head region CH
BCL Building Construction Logistics
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Heubel
Roman Wicki
Managing director
David Balmer
Managing director
Karel van Eechoud
Manager Innovation
Peter Kuhn
Global Talent Acquisition Manager
Selma Wobben
Marketing Manager

What does the name “Specialties” stand for?

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What makes the “Specialties” so special?

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Do the specialties also cooperate with each other?

What specific advantages do the Specialties offer compared to other providers?

Do Implenia Specialties also work internationally?

I am interested in the future. How important is sustainability for the specialties?

Where can I find vacancies in the Specialites Division?