Secondo tubo San Gottardo - Lot 243, North access tunnel

Short description

To rehabilitate the existing Gotthard Road Tunnel, a second tunnel tube (2TG) will be built first. Lot 243 comprises the construction of the access tunnel and the north logistics excavations. The project serves for the preliminary development of the north fault zone and for the provision of the underground logistics excavations.

The project

The 4 km long access tunnel to the north fault zone runs parallel to the future second tunnel tube. The tunnel will be excavated with a Gripper TBM dn 7.03m. For the later logistics, a 150 m long cavern and several galleries for logistics routes with a total length of 750 m will be excavated by blasting. In the portal area, loose rock has to be penetrated by means of pipe shields over a total length of 100m with 2 drifts.


  • Mechanical tunnelling in the hard Aare massif
  • Danger from avalanches

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