Vision, mission and values

The principles that guide us

Our vision is to be a leading multinational integrated construction and real estate company.

Our mission is to sustainably develop properties and construct buildings as well as infrastructure with and for people to fit their modern living, working and mobility needs.

Implenia is committed to the values of excellence, collaboration, agility, integrity and sustainability. Working together across the company, we have defined how we want to live up each value.

  • Excellence: We meet the most demanding requirements in our projects, services and internal processes. We live up to Excellence by setting standards based on tradition and innovation that help us exceed our partners’ expectations. Today and tomorrow.
  • Collaboration: We merge our diverse market knowledge and insight with professional expertise to the benefit of our customers and other stakeholders. We live up to Collaboration by creating trust through fairness, transparency and respect. With all our partners.
  • Agility: We recognize opportunities and threats at an early point in time, and we address them quickly – both strategically and operationally. We live up to Agility by being a highly mobile, passionate, multinational team that constantly looks for new and innovative ways of overcoming barriers, thus achieving the best value for our customers.
  • Integrity: We meet high ethical standards, are honest, and act in accordance with the agreements we make. We live up to Integrity by being honest and reliable, acting respectfully and always doing so with a smile :-)
  • Sustainability: We generate results that endure and we protect our fellow human beings and the environment. We live up to Sustainability by working together to create a future worth living for everyone.