Success thanks to innovation - from the inside and with the outside

This is how innovation works at Implenia

Fundamental changes in the construction and real estate industry as well as the needs of our customers help us to drive innovations forward in a targeted manner. Our main focus is on the future of living, mobility and working.

Added value through innovation


We are transforming from within and bringing forward ideas from our people.

Open innovation

We rely on our broad network of industry, technology and research partners for innovation.


We observe and inform ourselves about the trends of the future in order to always develop and offer the best solutions.


See some of our current innovation projects here

The Hyparschale in Magdeburg, a column-free hall and at the same time one of the best-known structures in the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt, is being refurbished with carbobeton technology

Implenia is reinforcing the roof shell of the listed hall with carbon concrete on the top and bottom sides and strengthening the supports and tension bands with shotcrete.

Picture credits: © gmp Architekten

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From architectural outdoor space briefing to optimised and customer-centred design

Clients' design and product wishes are incorporated into the property planning at an early stage of the design process. In this way, we ensure that on the one hand the needs of future residents are covered and on the other hand that construction can also be more cost-efficient.

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The clever connection makes the big difference

Wolfram Kübler, civil engineer and MAS energy engineer for buildings and member of the WaltGalmarini Executive Board, in an interview.

Picture credits: Hochhaus Pi, competition stand, architecture: Duplex Architekten, Zurich / visualisation: Filippo Bolognese

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