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Division Real Estate

Our strengths

User-driven innovation: we are inventors, not administrators

Hands-on know-how: we are makers, not consultants

Committed to sustainability

Real estate is our passion. Curiosity and a permanent endeavour to achieve the greatest possible benefits for our stakeholders determine what we do and drive us to go beyond the limits of our sector.

Adrian Wyss
Head Division Real Estate & Member Implenia Executive Committee

Real Estate Investment

How to take the path to Net Zero carbon buildings

Net Zero White Paper

Your contacts

We look forward to talking to you about forward-looking real estate solutions.

Adrian Wyss
Head Division Real Estate
Marc Lyon, MRICS
Head Real Estate Development Switzerland
Claudio Rudolf, FRICS
Head Real Estate Management
Reimer Siegert
Global Head Real Estate Investment
Severin Boser, MRICS
Head Real Estate Products
Jelena Radovic
Head Real Estate Marketing
Verkauf Stockwerkeigentum
Ulf Hoppenstedt
Head Business Development