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Christoph Zimmermann
Managing director
Timber construction
Nils von Känel
Leiter Akquisition & Kalkulation
Christian Müller
Christian Müller
Manger, Finish Carpentry and Joinery
Patrick Lier
Patrick Lier
Co-Manager, Wood Construction
Christina Rutzer
Assistance to the Management / Coordination Marketing & Communication
Beda Weber
Teamleiter Ausführung Holzbau

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Building with wood: the ecological, economical and modern choice

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Located in Winterthur`s Neuhegi-Grüzi neighborhood, the “sue&til” development includes 20 separate structures with a total of 307 units, including 49 owner-occupied condominiums and 9 commercial units.

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SwissLounge, Zürich Airport

We created the new SwissLounge at the Zürich Airport with close cooperation between our finish carpentry and element prefabrication departments.

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Elephant House, Zürich Zoo

Our Elephant House covers over 5,000 square meters of the new 10,000 square meter Elephant paddock at the Zürich Zoo.

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A high degree of prefabrication and planning possibilities make building with wood practical and economical.“

Adrian Ulrich, Construction manager

Up-to-date information and fascinating insights into the work of building with wood.

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Wood in construction - isn't that a fire hazard?

But - isn't concrete simply more stable (in earthquakes, for example)?

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