Wood composite flat ceiling for building construction

The wood composite flat ceiling in a nutshell

It is our obligation to use all available resources with utmost care and to build as emission-free as possible. HVFD combines maximum performance with significantly lower material use than previous constructions in building construction.

Christoph Zimmermann Managing Director Implenia Holzbau

4 key benefits



Quality assurance and reduction of construction time through pre-production

Fire protection and safety

We should minimize cement and not waste wood. It is important to build efficient structural systems with hybrid constructions that greatly reduce material consumption and take into account possible recycled building materials.

Wolfram Kübler Partner, Managing Director WaltGalmarini AG

Surfaces and design options

Reference projects

Rocket / Tigerli

"Rocket" in Winterthur is one of the tallest residential buildings made of wood in the world that is currently in planning.

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