[Translate to English:] Zürich Flughafen SwissLounge
[Translate to English:] Zürich Flughafen SwissLounge

Flughafen SwissLounge

Short description

Implenia Holzbau helped produce and install the new SwissLounge at the Zürich Airport with a close partnership between our wood construction and our finish carpentry teams.

The project

The SwissLounge design concept required matching wood finishes throughout the project`s varied features.  For example, the Implenia Holzbau produced wooden doors and ceiling panels had to match the wood finishes on third party produced kitchens.  Fulfilling the project`s high architectural standards demanded excellent communication and coordination with partner firms and within the different specialties departments of Implenia Holzbau.  Mastering these challenges and a very tight schedule, the construction team reached an on-time completion with stunning results. 

Services in detail

Rough Carpentry 

  • Substructure for walls and ceilings 

  • Suspended plaster ceiling 

Finish Carpentry 

  • Wooden wall panels 

  • Details and interior trim 


  • Precise details and last minute changes required excellent cooperation and coordination throughout the project team. 

  • Demanding specifications for the Implenia Holzbau produced inspection doors and door hardware 

  • Restricted jobsite access for construction work and material deliveries required careful scheduling and constant communication to ensure on time, accurate deliveries. 

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