Safety First! Safety Day Timber Construction 2022

The H&S Day was very impressive for all participants and was captured by the camera.

For an impression, feel free to watch the video.

Investing a few minutes in safety can save you life in a wheelchair. It always pays to invest in safety.

Werner Witschi, SUVA Ambassador

This is why we deal with the topic of health & safety

What our employees said about H&S Day 2022

The hands-on morning showed participants how important it is to address workplace safety on a daily basis:

I used to get stressed out when someone was watching me work. I always did it fast, fast. But as of today, I could slow down a bit and watch what I'm doing.

Ali Hussaini Akbar, apprentice carpenter EFZ

Always saying STOP when I see someone doing something wrong, doing something negligent, or pointing out when they have forgotten something.

Sonja Glauser, apprentice carpenter EFZ

In terms of occupational safety, the figures from SUVA, which I saw for the first time, are very interesting.

Marc Jacobsen, Foreman Wood Construction

Also with the lecture of Werner Witschi, one becomes again more consciously, how important the five minutes, which one should take additionally for the security, are effectively. And how close one goes - as is shown in his case by the accident or the paralysis - to death or vice versa. It is very much run in.

Christian Müller, head of carpentry