Vogelsang Wetzikon – Mönchberg- /Preyen- /Tösstalstrasse

Short description

The modernisation of the area comprises three stages with 12 existing residential buildings. The majority of the properties are Göhner buildings which are being enlarged to meet contemporary living requirements, including the addition of a new storey.

The project

The preliminary property analysis carried out by Implenia indicated that modernisation offered definite benefits over a new construction. This way, for example, it was possible to retain the historic urban substance typical of the area and integrate it into the subsequent design.

Services in detail

The modernisation of the estate originally comprised 110 flats. After completion of all works there will be 146 flats. A varied colour scheme and elevational grid serve as connecting and unifying elements. The balconies are designed to fit into the grid. The variety of textures and colours of the rendered surfaces will be maintained.


  • Structural demolition works in the case of the buildings with pre-cast elements (Göhner buildings)
  • Use of lean management for the replacement of pipes and electrics and additional storey


  • Execution without label in accordance with the Minergie low-energy standard

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