Renovation of the Weyergut Centre, Mohnstrasse 4

Short description

The "Weyergut" retirement and nursing home in Wabern, which originally served as a retirement home and is currently used as a nursing home with its own dementia unit, is in need of renovation after 40 years of intensive use.

The project

The infrastructure no longer meets today's operational and spatial requirements. The facility is therefore being renovated and partially expanded. The building owner intends to convert three single rooms into two nursing rooms each, in the middle of which sanitary areas will be located. The side of the building facing the courtyard will be extended with spacious recreation rooms and kitchenettes. On the ground floor, two new dementia wards will be created with an open circular layout and direct access to two gardens. The existing cafeteria and kitchen will be renovated. In total, the renovated nursing home will now have 83 nursing places, 21 of which will be dedicated to dementia patients.


  • Difficult working conditions due to the small rooms and confined space on the construction site.
  • Rough static interventions, which require safety measures across all floors
  • Ensuring construction site safety due to the depth of penetration into the building


  • Extensive grounds with garden for dementia patients
  • After renovation, the facility meets today's valid operational requirements and legal stipulations

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