Herisau Kasernenareal

Short description

In June 2012, the foundation stone was laid in Herisau for the planned adaptations to the barracks buildings. The intact load-bearing structure and the existing generous room layout in the multi-storey old building made of natural stone masonry and wooden beam ceilings, led to only minor interventions.

Services in detail

  • Conversion of existing main building barracks (accommodation)
  • New construction of infrastructure building in Minergie
  • New construction Retablierung
  • Redesign of surroundings


Renovation of the existing barracks building, which is very much in need of renovation, taking into account the protection of historical monuments.


New building: Minergie standard, flat roof extensively greened, thermal solar system 300 m², heat generation with central wood chip system Old building: renovation of existing barracks building built in 1860 with consideration of monument protection Central location

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