Social commitment & compliance

Fund-raising to mark Implenia’s 10th birthday

By submitting a flood of creative daisy photos, employees in the five home markets raised around 120,000 francs for social projects.

“Heartfelt commitment”. This was the motto for a birthday year in which Implenia wanted to make an additional contribution to society, and especially to those less fortunate than ourselves. After evaluating a large number of proposed social projects, thirty locations each chose one to support.

All employees were invited to grow their own daisies and then take a picture of themselves with the blooms they produced. For every photo submitted, Implenia donated an additional 20 francs to the amount raised, plus an extra sum for team achievement.

Photos of daisies in any form were allowed, and not just of the home-grown flowers. Crocheted daisies, living art installations of daisies, daisies with crazy glasses, photoshopped daisy collages: the creativity of our people knew no bounds, and suddenly the yellow and white flowers were everywhere. A total of over 4,000 daisy photos were submitted.

As a result of the anniversary activities, the thirty locations were able to hand over a total of 120,000 francs to their chosen social projects.