Attractive working environment

40 sustainable ideas

Around 60 people met for a Group-wide sustainability workshop at the start of 2017. They worked through more than 40 suggestions for strengthening sustainability in the company.

Sustainability has been an integral part of Implenia’s vision and corporate strategy since 2009. As the Group has grown, however, the challenges of doing business sustainably have increased. To give fresh impetus to its whole sustainability effort and embed it firmly in operational processes, Implenia held a sustainability workshop in February 2017 – the company’s first in its new expanded state.

“Each and every employee is responsible for sustainability,” said Implenia’s CEO Anton Affentranger at the start of the workshop in Glattfelden. And then the work began, with the 60 participants developing concrete suggestions for improvements in various categories, including being an attractive employer, CO2 footprint, internationalisation of sustainability, and sustainable buildings.

The second part of the workshop focused on how the company can create new momentum and mobilise all employees for sustainability, right down to the last construction site. The numerous proposals subsequently presented in the plenary session were testament to some extremely fruitful discussions.

After the workshop, the Sustainability Department evaluated more than 40 proposals, assessing their feasibility and relevance, and grouping them into nine work packages. These were signed off for further development by the Sustainability Committee and CEO in April.

“The most important sustainability measures we have adopted include enhanced sustainability requirements for suppliers and subcontractors or pilot eco-construction sites. This also includes the anchoring of sustainability considerations among our employees as well as improved communication and greater transparency”, said Rolf Wagenbach, Head of the Sustainability Department.