Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad (SMS2A)

Short description

The project New double track Sandbukta-Moss-Såstad (SMS2A) is part of the Intercity expansion, and is one of the parsellene in the direction of Halden (Østfoldbanens vestre line). On the line, 10.3 km of new double track will be built, partly in tunnels and partly in daylight.

The project

The joint venture Implenia and Acciona (MossIA ANS) is to build a double train track in Moss, which will run in a tunnel and a daylight zone. This section is part of the Intercity project, where two tunnels (including portals and culvert), double track in daytime and cut and cover culvert for car traffic will be built. MossIA ANS will build the Moss tunnel of 2264 m and the Carlberg tunnel of 2065 m. In Larkollveien, a cut and cover tunnel for car traffic will be built under the new railway line. The project has major challenges with quickslips and the methods LCC and jet-grouting are used to maintain stability during construction in the open.

Services in detail

Project details

  • Type of contract: Total contract
  • Contract amount: 6 300 MNOK
  • Construction time: Autumn 2019 to 2025
  • Client: Bane NOR

Technical data

  • 10 km new double track through Moss
  • 2 new tunnels:
    • 2,7 km double track tunnel under Moss (Mossetunnelen)
    • 2,3 km double track tunnel from the station to Carlberg farm (Carlbergtunnelen)
  • New Moss train station with 800 m long station area
  • 400 m loop road crossing in Moss centre, loop road crossing at Carlberg
  • Culvert for new railway underpass for Larkollveien
  • 3 evacuation tunnels
  • Track for reversing trains
  • Concrete 324 000 m3
  • Culvert 630 000 m3
  • Lime cement stabilisation 1 454 500 m
  • Bored piles 4 500 m
  • Steel columns 18 000 m
  • Sheet piling 45 200 m2
  • Slissevegg



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