Attractive working environment

New-style safety training

In 2017, Implenia developed a web-based safety training programme to help protect its own employees and subcontracted workers from accidents. The pilot project was very well received.

Implenia always wants to prevent accidents and fulfil its duty of care as principal contractor. In 2017 it tested a new approach at its Campus Sursee construction site in Canton Lucerne and created an online training course.

This course clearly set out the most important principles as defined by the SUVA Safety Charter. SUVA is Switzerland’s national accident insurance service. All the employees earmarked for the pilot project had to complete an online safety induction process.

The on-screen Health & Safety training took about a quarter of an hour and finished with a test in which drawings of situations on a construction site had to be evaluated. Workers only got their badge to access the construction site if they answered at least 90 percent of the 31 questions correctly.

Implenia employees did the course first, and then in a second phase it was given to subcontracted workers. Responses to this new tool were so positive that Implenia has decided to use the online training across the whole of its building construction operation from 2018 onwards. The precise contents of the course will be adapted to each site.