Attractive working environment

Attracting and recruiting new specialists

There is fierce competition within the construction sector for the best specialists. In this tough environment, Implenia Deutschland needs to show how attractive it is as an employer, which is why it attended 17 job fairs and staged numerous public events in 2017.


Skilled specialists are rare and highly sought-after. Implenia is one of the companies actively looking for the best future talent. The company uses employer branding measures to distinguish itself positively from its competitors and show that it is an attractive employer.

In 2017 Implenia Deutschland attended 17 university open days, job fairs and recruitment events to raise awareness of the “company with the daisy”. The internet is plays an increasingly important role for job seekers, which is why Implenia uses several social media channels and works hard to leave a positive and visible digital footprint.

The company gave out the first “Implenia Award” for outstanding degree dissertations in 2016. There were five categories for the award – construction management, BIM, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and a special category for interdisciplinary topics – and the submissions were of a very high standard. As well as their 1,000-euro prizes, the five winners were also offered internships or trainee positions at Implenia.

Implenia invited prospective industrial and civil engineers to a construction site tour at a major project as part of the “Implenia Inhouse Day”. The project chosen for 2016 was the underground railway construction site in Berlin, while in 2017 participants visited the Albvorland Tunnel near Stuttgart. Participants got to know more about Implenia through case studies and by talking to managers. These campaigns resulted in the company receiving a good number of applications from highly qualified individuals.

Implenia also invites local people to visit its construction sites, including during Germany’s national “Industry Week”. In 2016 around 300 visitors took the opportunity to view the Berlin metro’s new “Unter den Linden” station. This visit saw the first use of a container that Implenia had converted into a mobile information pavilion for people interested in training and jobs at the company.