VDE 8.1 Breitengüßbach - Zapfendorf

Short description

As part of the German Unity Transport Project No. 8 ( VDE.8 ), Implenia Speialtiefbau GmbH was awarded the contract for the planning and execution of the entire special civil engineering works for the construction section PFA 23/24 in May 2015.

The project

The project is located over a length of approx. 9 kilometres between the towns of Breitengüßbach and Zapfendorf. In this area, the existing double-track line will be extended to four tracks. In January 2016, all tracks and overhead line systems were removed in this area, thus creating the construction freedom for the construction of five sheet pile pits, six abutments for auxiliary bridges, girder pile shoring, slope stabilisation by means of dowel piles and overlapping bored pile walls, five bored pile walls and various bridge foundations. In addition, after dismantling the tracks, the foundations for the noise protection measures could be started. In addition to these measures, various bridge foundations, abutment structures for auxiliary bridges over the Main, a soldier pile shoring to secure the motorway embankment of the A73 motorway and an overcut bored pile wall to cross the A73 motorway were constructed outside the former railway line. 
The general contractor was able to start laying the new tracks on time in May 2016 with the aim of putting two of the four new tracks back into operation in September 2016.
Due to the extremely tight construction schedule, up to nine rotary drilling rigs, two sheet pile drivers, anchoring equipment and various small pieces of equipment were used. In some areas, work was carried out in shifts 24 hours a day.

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