SBB Bözbergtunnel

Short description

The existing Bözberg tunnel between Frick and Brugg does not meet the new requirements for the clearance gauge (corner height 4.0 m) and will therefore be replaced by a new 4-metre corridor as part of the overall project.

The project

The new 2.7 km long double-track tunnel runs parallel to the existing railway tunnel at intervals of 30 to 50 m. In the southern portal area, a loose rock section of 108 m will first be excavated with pipe umbrella stages. The remaining 2503 m will be excavated with a TBM-S ø 12.36 m. Five cross passages including rooms for the technical equipment are to be excavated to the existing tunnel, which will be extended as a service and rescue tunnel after completion of the new construction. The new tunnel will be constructed with two lanes, with a fixed carriageway and overhead conductor rail.

See TV-Report from Schweiz aktuell.


  •     Construction of the new tunnel along the existing main line
  •     Tunnelling in swellable sulphate containing rock  
  •     Drifting in the catchment area of the thermal spring Schinznach Bad 

Further information

Key data  

  •     Realization 2015 - 2022  
  •     Construction sum CHF 145 million  
  •     EUR 132 million  
  •     Total length 2,611 km  
  •     diameter 12.36 m  
  •     Outbreak volume 320'000 m³  
  •     Geology Slope rubble, marl, siltstone and sandstone, limestone and claystone as well as sulphate rocks (gypsum skeuper, anhydrite group)  

100 % Implenia as general contractor including execution project planning  
Implenia Switzerland Ltd,   
Infrastructure - Tunnelling  
CH-8304 Wallisellen  

Services rendered  

  •     Pre-cut with nail walls. Excavation and interior work including sealing; self-rescue measures, low-voltage system, track (slab track and ballast)  
  •     Portal structures, commissioning of new construction tunnels, conversion of existing tunnels into service and rescue tunnels, implementation planning and site management.  

Construction methods  

  •     Machine-assisted driving of loose rock (pipe shield)
  •     mechanical driving with TBM-S and segmental lining.  

Project participants  

SBB; infrastructure projects; CH-6002 Lucerne

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