Brokke Nord

Short description

The project involved the shell works for the Brokke North power plant and included the construction of a new transmission tunnel, the construction of the Sarvoss dam and the Skarg power plant.

The project

The project involved the operation of a 10.6 km transfer tunnel that would carry a major river and five other streams to Sarvfoss. The new transfer tunnel was prepared with four intake shafts with an average cross-section of the tunnel of 22 m2.

A 420-meter tunnel system was blasted for the construction of the Skarg power plant. A complete power plant was built in the day zone. Here water was exploited before it was stored. The water was pumped to treatment plants with two sediment basins installed with oil separators before being discharged into the river.

The 50-meter-high Sarvsfoss Dam was to be impounded from the intake reservoir for the Skarg power plant. The dam was constructed in concrete of 140 meters with a total volume of 15,500 m3. The dam crest was designed with a double curved shape. The accompanying works also included the installation of a new road to the top of the dam crest.

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