Brenner Basistunnel Los H41

Short description

The Brenner Base Tunnel is a flat railroad tunnel connecting Italy and Austria. It runs between Innsbruck and Franzensfeste over a length of 55 km.

The project

In May 1994, a railroad bypass, the so-called "Inntaltunnel", was opened in the south of Innsbruck. In this 12.7 km long tunnel there is a connection to the Brenner Base Tunnel. Passenger and freight trains traveling on this route are therefore in the Inntaltunnel for several kilometers in addition to the BBT. In future, this total of 64 kilometers of tunnel will become the longest underground rail link in the world.

Implenia, together with ARGE partner Webuild Group (Webuild and csc costruzioni), has been awarded the contract by BBT (Galleria di Base del Brennero - Brenner Base Tunnel BBT SE) for part of the Austrian side of the Brenner Base Tunnel.

Construction lot H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons has a total value of around CHF 690 million (EUR 651 million). Technical management is being carried out locally by Implenia Austria. The project will directly and indirectly create around 400 new jobs in the region.

Starting from the Ahrental access tunnel, Lot H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons comprises the construction of the main tunnels heading north to Innsbruck and south to Pfons. Approximately 5.7 km will be excavated using conventional construction methods and around 16.4 km as TBM tunnels. Interior work will also be carried out on the main tunnels, the Innsbruck emergency stop and the exploratory tunnel. The work commissioned by BBT is expected to take around 80 months.

ARGE BBT - Construction lot H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons

  • Implenia Austria 30% (TGF)
  • Implenia Switzerland 20%
  • WeBuild S.p.A. 25% (KGF)
  • Csc costruzioni SA 25%

Project website

Services in detail

  • Takeover of the existing facilities and operation
  • BE - facilities
  • Own production of segments
  • Excavation works in NHS
  • Excavation works main tunnel east
  • Excavation works main tunnel-West
  • AVOR TVM - Factory acceptance TVM 1 (S-1343)


Environmental aspects and sustainability play an important role in the planning and construction of the building lot. In the bidding process, measures to reduce environmental impact and the use of green electricity were among the award criteria. Transport operations are subject to strict regulations and are carried out exclusively by vehicle classes with the latest exhaust emission standards. The high environmental standards of both consortium partners contributed to the good evaluation of the bid.

Further information

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