SH4 Datacenter

Short description

Construction of a data center with main building, office complex, cooling systems, generator building, 2 power conversion buildings.

The project

After Geneva, Gland and Avenches, Safehost SA's fourth data center in Switzerland is now being built in Rafz. With the help of 5 high cranes and additional concrete pumps, the shell of the building was completed in record time.


  • Very short construction time with large construction volume (21.5 million in 6 months construction time)
  • 18'000 m3 of concrete are installed in 184 days
  • Construction of high concrete and masonry walls and ceilings up to 7m
  • Short lead times for planning and prefabrication due to short construction time
  • Very high security requirements due to American security standards
  • Linguistic challenge through English speaking construction management


  • No specifications regarding sustainability requirements or labels
  • Implenia implements high internal sustainability standards

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