Renovation of two raw meal silos at the Karsdorf cement plant

Short description

Implenia is renovating two 70-metre-high raw meal silos at the Karsdorf cement plant in Saxony-Anhalt on behalf of OPTERRA Zement GmbH.

The project

Both silos will receive a self-supporting concrete facing shell. In addition to the silo renovation using sliding formwork, the entire sheet metal façade is being replaced at the same time. In addition, windows will be replaced, the roof structure will be repaired, comprehensive concrete renovations as well as various steel construction and corrosion protection works will be carried out. Lightning protection, plumbing work, concrete demolition, asbestos demolition and complete scaffolding are also part of the contract. Implenia is also responsible for coordinating and commissioning all subcontractors.


By means of 3D measurements, it was determined that both silos are very crooked - a special challenge for the sliding, as the sliding formwork is rigid and only minimal deviations can be compensated. The problem was solved by special constructions made especially for this building project.

Further information

Copyright images: OPTERRA

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