Neubau LNG-Anlage

Short description

Wander AG had a new filling station for an LNG plant (depot for liquefied natural gas) and a storage area for pressing troughs built on its site in Neuenegg.

The project

The first step was the construction of the press pit. For this purpose, two existing underground catch basins had to be filled beforehand in order to build the concrete slabs on top of them. Due to the high groundwater level, a dewatering system was installed. Adjustments to the terrain were necessary at various points. Prior to this, various work was carried out on sewer lines, the construction of shafts and the relocation of a channel, as well as the laying of service lines and a cable shaft for the power connections. This was followed by the construction of the frost bar and the depression for the Welaki trough. After successful plate-pressure tests on the new level, the placement of a lean concrete base took place. This was followed by the forming, reinforcing and concreting of the base slabs in various stages. A broom finish was used as the surface structure in each case.

Subsequently, the new construction of the LNG plant took place. This required the installation of a crane. The excavation work was carried out first, for which a dewatering system had to be constructed again. Since some of the excavated material was contaminated, a triage point was set up and the inert material was disposed of separately. The work also included the relocation of drainage pipes and the construction of two shafts. This was followed by trench excavation from the LNG plant to the existing building. In this we laid the service lines, while the laying of the gas line was carried out by a third-party contractor. After the placement of the foundation layer and the lean concrete, the concreting of the frost bars took place. After that, the forming, reinforcing and concreting of the floor slabs as well as the parapets and walls took place in stages. Next to the LNG plant, another carriageway slab was concreted.

Finally, the surfacing work was carried out both next to the LNG plant and at the dumping area. Finally, joint grouting work, various backfillings, the application of humus and the relocation of edge trims, the fence and the crash barrier were carried out.

Services in detail

  • Earthworks
  • Construction of utility lines
  • Sewer construction
  • In-situ concrete construction
  • Pavement construction


  • Execution of work during ongoing Wander AG operations (plant traffic)
  • Highest safety and cleanliness requirements due to food processing of the client
  • Groundwater, poor subsoil (dewatering, geotextile, sealing concrete)
  • Existing utility lines in the excavation area
  • Execution of concrete work as exposed concrete

Further information

Execution as sole contractor

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Construction Switzerland CH-3000 Berne 14

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