Sanierung Werkleitungen und Umgestaltung Marktplatz

Short description

In Lyss, the market square was redesigned and the works pipelines were rehabilitated.

The project

In the first construction phase, the work lines outside the main road as well as the demolition work, (concrete and natural stone paving approx. 1450m2) at the market place were carried out. During the summer vacations 2018, an intensive phase could be carried out by a total closure of the Aarbergstrasse. This included the following work; demolition of existing. Road, replacement of the work lines, replacement road box, new edge closure, pavement work. After the intensive phase, the laying of the natural stone slabs from the Maggia valley was started. The stones were between 500mm and 800mm long, 100mm and 130mm wide and 120mm high, laid in 5cm chippings. The joints were sanded.

Services in detail

  • Road construction
  • Construction of utility lines
  • Laying natural stone slabs


During the intensive phase of seven weeks, the entire road of 260m incl. sidewalk and side connections had to be dismantled, the service lines laid, the road box replaced and the edge trims relocated as well as the sidewalk laid.

The joint width of 5mm was an additional challenge due to the tolerances of the natural stones.


There were 18 trees in the perimeter of the construction site. In order to protect them, the excavation for the replacement of the suitcase and the work lines was carried out by hand in the root area.

Further information

Execution as sole contractor

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Construction Switzerland CH-2557 Studen

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