N01/42, 46 UPlaNS Verzweigung ZH Ost – Effretikon

Short description

Repair and optimisation of the N01 for vehicle traffic between the Zurich North and Effretikon junctions.

The project

The N01 between the Zurich North and Effretikon junctions (approx. 12.2 km) is being repaired and optimised for vehicle traffic. The project includes the main repair work on the road, as well as a number of engineering structures. The work is being carried out in several traffic and construction phases, with the road still in operation. 
The main work on the route involves managing the traffic in the construction phases, setting up temporary road markings and construction site signs, repairing the road surface, implementing measures for groundwater protection and marshland management (guide wall at Girhalden, nail walls), providing foundations for signal portals, applying the permanent road markings, repairing the drainage system, and installing vehicle restraint systems and wildlife protection fences. 
The main work involving the engineering structures includes repairing two large bridges, six large overpasses and one large underpass, as well as local repairs on the concrete, joints, bearings and railings of five bridges, five overpasses, five underpasses, four oil separators, one retaining wall and three passages, in addition to local repairs on various noise barriers. 

Services in detail

Road section

  • Excavation 30,000 m 
  • Surface milling work 540,000 m2
  • Permanent road markings 170,000 m

Girhalden guide wall

  • Filling, backfill 10,500 m
  • Temporary nails 14,000 m

Engineering structures

  • Surface protection 7,500 m
  • Poured asphalt 1,800 t

Ancillary work

  • Concrete elements 53,000 m
  • Temporary road markings 360,000 m


  • Work on a major road with a very high volume of traffic
  • Overnight work needed to dig up the lanes
  • Strict requirements concerning traffic management
  • Working in the groundwater protection zone

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