Short description

Because it is the nerve center of the city, the Place de Bel-Air offers a special status to the buildings located there. Aware of this fact, Credit Suisse has occupied the area since 1906. Initially located in two arcades, the bank expanded its activities and gradually took over space in several surrounding buildings. At the turn of the 21st century, this real estate heritage is benefiting from a series of projects seeking to enhance the qualities of the building as well as the organization of the work spaces.

The project

From the third basement to the top floor, the transformation aims to create a maximum of space to provide the three hundred employees with comfortable, serious and friendly working conditions.

Exclusively reserved for the "back office", the current floors are organized in open space, offices and meeting areas. The penthouse offers generous conference rooms and a fitness center. Connected to the dynamic downtown area, the first floor and mezzanine offer publicly accessible retail space. Less affected by the project, the basements house various premises, essential to the operation of the bank and the building in general. A dense and ambitious program which obviously includes a complete upgrading of the technology, as well as the maintenance of certain commercial activities during the works.

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