Tunnel Ligerz, Lot 2

Short description

The project comprises the construction of the 2.1 km long twin-track tunnel in Ligerz. The total contract value is CHF 220 million, with Implenia's share amounting to around CHF 150 million.

The project

The project will be carried out using the mining method for around 1,850 m and by cut-and-cover for around 250 m - including concrete lining and railroad technology. In addition, four escape tunnels will be constructed, a 114 m long viaduct for the N5 highway exit and various additional structures. The excavated material will be transported by ship and the existing railroad line will be dismantled and redesigned.

The aim of the project is to eliminate the last railroad bottleneck on the Jura river line between Lausanne and Biel. A new double-track tunnel will be built due to the confined space between the lake and the slope, where the N5 national road and the cantonal road also run.

ARGE IBD consists of the partners Implenia (lead), Bernasconi and De Luca

Services in detail

Implenia experts from the following areas are involved:

  • Civil
  • tunnel construction
  • Special civil engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • railroad engineering
  • Maritime work


The location of the project in protected areas is a particular challenge: The region is listed in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments (BLN). The villages of La Neuveville, Chavannes, Ligerz and Twann are part of the Federal Inventory of Swiss Sites of National Importance (ISOS).

Further information

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