Short description

The land had been decommissioned some 15 years ago, but a farmer who owned 1.25% of the parcels concerned had managed to block the project until an agreement was finally reached. On 100,000 m2, in the north of Nyon, the new district, called La Petite-Prairie, was able to emerge. Numerous developers and investors had progressively acquired this declassified agricultural land.

The project

For this first phase of work, Implenia is coordinating three different builders in the same neighborhood: Implenia, Construction Perret and Losinger. Implenia has a steering mandate to manage the work on the common areas for all the co-owners of La Petite Praire. In addition to this mandate, Implenia is managing the interfaces with the municipal projects around the new La Petite Praire neighborhood (Le parc du reposoir, RDU, and Route de Signy), which includes the simultaneous construction of five buildings.

For this stage, 150 housing units were built by Implenia, of which 77 were condominiums, 53 were rentals and 20 were furnished rentals. In addition, 8,000 square meters of office space will be added. The five buildings are named after Roman structures: The Columns, the Aqueduct, the Amphitheater, the Athenaeum and the Pont du Gard.

This building offers 36 apartments in PPE. Composed of five floors and an underground parking lot, it is organized in three blocks of 12 apartments each with, on each floor, 3.5-room apartments with a terrace and a 4.5 or 5.5-room apartment with a large corner terrace. The daytime areas, equipped with sliding glass windows, benefit from a beautiful light, access to which is controlled by electrically operated blinds. The comfort facilities are those guaranteed by the Minergie label.

The building "Les Colonnes" is equipped with a centralized gas boiler. The hydraulic circuit is embedded in the cement screed. A room thermostat is installed in each living room. Retention basins are naturally arranged in the park of Reposoir which adjoins the houses. Architecturally, the building is distinguished by its long northern facade in burgundy red.

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