[Translate to English:] Osttunnel Nürnberg
[Translate to English:] Osttunnel Nürnberg
[Translate to English:] Osttunnel Nürnberg

Nuremberg East Tunnel

Short description

Extension of an existing pedestrian underpass beneath Deutsche Bahn operating tracks at Nuremberg’s main railway station

The project

In Nuremberg, Nelson-Mandela-Platz to the south of the main railway station is being redeveloped. This involves creating a second exit for the existing pedestrian underpass as an extension of the East Tunnel.

Services in detail

  • Extensive clearing of railway cables from the construction site
  • Installation of structures and temporary bridges during suspension of rail services
  • Construction of the underpass as a solid frame underneath the temporary bridges
  • Raising the ceilings and subsequent construction of the framework walls
  • Turnkey development of the underpass including electrical work


  • Construction during ongoing operations
  • Limited space
  • Extremely small segments of work in a large number of construction phases

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