New residential and commercial development in the picture

Short description

Commercial: Coop Cooperative with 650 m2 of retail space 33 rental apartments between 2 ½ and 5 ½-rooms.


Unbundling delivery commercial area Coop sales outlet

Location of commercial parking spaces on the mezzanine floor of building 1

Pollutant cleanup / deconstruction / disposal

Simulation calculations with the DCF method including customer monitoring


  • Minergie A in accordance with
  • No certification of the development installation of windows with rebate ventilation in the houses 2 + 3
  • Installation of modern building automation technology (esmart etc.)
  • Foundation of an energy self-consumption company

Further information

Service Development

Implenia Switzerland Ltd, Buildings CH-7000 Chur

Special Features

  • Electronic parcel box system
  • E-Smart System
  • Window rebate ventilation

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