New LPME research building TU Kaiserslautern

Short description

Construction of the LPME (Laboratory for Ultra-Precision and Micro-Engineering) research building of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

The project

The building to be constructed is a research building of the TU Kaiserslautern as a three-storey new building in solid construction. The main component of the building shell comprises the construction of two structures, in this case the laboratory building consisting of a precision measurement room with test bench, administration and office area and the directly adjoining covered delivery yard with gas cylinder storage in in-situ concrete construction.

Services in detail

  • Main building approx. 63 m x 49 m
  • Delivery yard 14 m x 15 m
  • Total height approx. 14 m 
  • 7,420 m2 gross floor area with 6,470 m2 useable area will be constructed, gross volume 37,300 m3
  • In-situ concrete approx. 6,800 m3
  • Reinforcing steel approx. 950 to
  • Prestressing steel approx. 9 to
  • Formwork slabs ca. 8,500 m2
  • Formwork walls ca. 8.975 m2
  • Formwork for columns approx. 695 m2


Short construction time, increased exposed concrete requirements for both normal concrete and coloured concrete in anthracite with smooth formlining and OSB panel formlining. Production of a prestressed in-situ concrete hollow core slab approx. 620 m2. A test stand consisting of three special foundations is to be constructed. These foundations must be placed in a low-vibration, free-floating manner on pneumatically mounted spring cushions.

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