Errichtung LasmAaZ – Kernkraftwerk Krümmel

Short description

Construction of a new storage facility for low- and intermediate-level waste - Hybrid project with Implenia Spezialtiefbau GmbH Hamburg and Hochbau GmbH Berlin.

The project

The planned new construction of the repository for low and intermediate level waste ("Lager für schwach- und mittelradioaktive Abfälle", short "LasmAaZ") comprises the erection of a storage building and a functional building as well as the outdoor facilities and will be constructed in heavy reinforced concrete. The storage and functional buildings rest on a common base plate. The dimensions of the storage building are 65 m length / 48 m width / 16 m height. It is a 2-bay hall. The external dimensions of the 2-storey functional building are 36 m long / 12 m wide / 10 m high and include the rooms for operating personnel as well as storage and archive rooms.


Construction work on a nuclear power plant site with cramped space conditions, massive components, a complex excavation pit as well as a short execution time under special consideration of radiation protection, fire protection, data protection and occupational safety.


Decommissioning of a nuclear power plant in several steps until it is released from the scope of the Atomic Energy Act ("Atomgesetz", short AtG).

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