Lärmschutztunnel A7 Hamburg-Altona

Short description

Construction of a noise protection tunnel on the A7 motorway in Hamburg-Altona

The project

In order to increase the capacity of the existing A7 motorway and at the same time to reduce noise pollution for local residents, this section of the motorway is to be and equipped with noise protection measures. The scope of work include the construction of the 8-lane Altona tunnel as a noise protection tunnel on a 2.2 km, 1.6 km of noise barriers, adjustments to the ramp approaches to the motorway and ramp approaches to the motorway and the connection of the road course to the the construction of two tunnel service buildings as well as the operational and traffic and traffic engineering equipment for the tunnel and the free section route.

More details

Services in detail

  • 35,000 m of concrete piling
  • 270,000 m³ concrete, formwork
  • 57,000 t of reinforcing steel to be installed
  • 850,000 m³ soil movement
  • 280,000 m² asphalt pavement to be constructed
  • 500 km cable traction, 66 fans, 3000 lights, 700 displays, 300 cameras


  • Building under traffic


  • The expansion to eight lanes from the Hamburg-Othmarschen junction to the Hamburg-Volkspark junction will close the gap to the expansion projects already underway north and south of the Elbe tunnel on the A7. In the Altona construction section, a noise protection cover with a length of 2,230 metres will be built. This project not only provides comprehensive noise protection for the direct residents, but also creates a generous space of urban regeneration for all Hamburg residents. A large number of allotment gardens as well as green spaces and parks will be created on the Altona noise protection cover, which will connect with existing green spaces. A recreational park and allotment gardens will later be created on top of the tunnel. For this purpose, the tunnel will be covered with a 1.20 metre thick layer of rootable soil.

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