Firmensitz und Produktion AVL SET GmbH, Wangen im Allgäu

Short description

Turnkey production headquarters and production of AVL SET GmbH

The project

AVL SET GmbH is part of the AVL Group and a leading international supplier of test systems for testing e-motor control units. In 2003, it established a new test methodology in which a virtual e-machine simulates the test bench in the laboratory and frees it from the dependence on a mechanical environment for testing auxiliary units up to powerful drive inverters. The new headquarters and production facilities of AVL SET GmbH are being built on the former site of the Erba weaving mill. The company, which is flourishing due to e-mobility, had only moved into the previous administration building in 2017 and is already bursting at the seams with its approx. 130 employees. On top of a 3,500 m2 and five-metre high production floor, two double-storey glazed administration floors with a total of 3,100 m2 are planned and designed for 250 people. An extension to the east is already being considered. The main entrance on the west side will have a representative glass façade and coffered façade; on the north and south façades, prefabricated concrete elements with projections will imitate the former factory wall. This is a turnkey construction including building services and BIM-supported implementation planning. An ambitious schedule can still be optimised through LEAN systems.

Services in detail

  • Soil replacement
  • Detailed design with BIM
  • Turnkey construction incl. TGA



Remediation of contaminated subsoil


Production for e-mobility - PV system, Local heating and cooling - Design constraints imposed by the 2024 Landesgartenschau on the site - No occupational accident so far

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