Fv. 260 Frogner bru

Short description

The project involved the design and construction of a new road bridge (96 m) and a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge (98 m) over Leira at Frogner on Fv. 260 (now Fv. 1496) in Sørum municipality. The bridges were to replace the existing bridge in the area, which was in poor condition. In addition, the road network at both ends was to be adapted to the new bridges.

The project

The bridges are designed as steel-wood chip cooperative bridge with steel box girder, concrete deck, concrete columns and concrete foundations. The actual use cases were started on the column tops in stages starting from axis 4. The concrete deck was scaled with a Doka solution and poured in stages to properly distribute the weight.

The foundation work was carried out using steel core piles drilled into rock in close proximity to the river. The river was easily susceptible to precipitation, where work in the river valley required careful planning. In addition, there was uncertainty with Schnellton, which was taken into account even though only stable masses occurred throughout the construction area.

Throughout the development period, there was to be a crossing option for pedestrians and bicyclists across Leira. There was continuous communication of which phase the project was in.

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