EK2 E18 Farrisbrua

Short description

Farris bridge pases in a horizontal curve around the Farris Lake, near Larvik in Vestfold. The bridge is a part of E18, and is a part of the new 7 km long stretch from Bommestad to Sky in Larvik. The bridge is a part of the new E18 in Vestfold, Norway.

The project

The Farris bridge is 570 meters long and 28 meters wide. The bridge is mainly a concrete bridge, but the middle section of 120 meters, is a stay cable bridge made of steel, with a 70 meter high concrete tower. The bridge slightly rises towards the tunnel entry at Martin Hill. It crosses the railway line by the “Morek building”.

The bridge's main foundation is a tower foundation consisting of 12 piers drilled down to the bedrock and filled with reinforced concrete. The depth down to the bedrock is up to 80 m. The tower foundation is the most demanding of the bridges ten foundations.

Services in detail

Project details:

  • Contract type: Prime contract
  • Contract sum: MNOK 757
  • Construction time: From January 2014 to July 2017
  • Developer: Statens vegvesen, Region Sør
  • Client: Statens vegvesen, Region Sør 

Technical information

  • Asphalt 8,835 m2
  • Concrete 42,000 m3
  • Formwork 45,000 m2
  • Reinforcements 7,500 to
  • Tension reinforcement 103,000 mMN
  • Main span 1,100 to
  • Tower tops 110 to

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