Erneuerung Saanenmöserstrasse Priorität 2, Los 8+9

Short description

The project comprised an approx. 1.1 km long section in the overall project of the renewal of the Saanenmöserstrasse (cantonal road no. 11). It was located in the Ledigraben - Rychestei section and was divided into 2 lots (lots 8 and 9) with a staging of approx. 550m' each.

The project

The construction work included both the renewal of the entire road surface including the foundation layer and the widening of the road space. This involved the formation of verges and the widening of curves. In some cases, this required the demolition and subsequent construction of new retaining walls on the valley side. For the foundation of these retaining structures, micropile foundations were used. The support was provided by tension piles. The excavation was secured by means of nail walls. The natural stone retaining walls on the uphill side were retained, but their rehabilitation was necessary along the entire length of the construction site. Locally, horizontal drains were constructed for the drainage of wet landslides. These drain the water and thus reduce the creep movement of the slope. Along the entire route of the two lots, various parking lots, forecourts, paths, and agricultural roads were constructed or adapted to the new conditions. In addition, the entire road drainage system, including discharge into the receiving water, was replaced. The pavement structure of the new road consisted of a base and a binder course (AC T 22 S and AC B 16 S). The surface course was laid one year later, in 2022. A new retaining wall was built at the existing Rychestei parking lot to widen it. At the existing listed Brächgraben bridge, the replacement of the roadway crossings and the surface course was necessary. The traffic volume on this road is very high. All the work was carried out on the side of the road and under traffic. Single-lane traffic guidance, which was controlled by a radar-controlled traffic light system, had to be guaranteed at all times. The length of each construction site was limited to 400m'. All material handling, delivery and removal, and installation changes took place outside the traffic area.

Services in detail


Execution as sole proprietorship

Implenia Switzerland Ltd; Div. Civil Engineering CH-3770 Zweisimmen

Services provided

Road construction, earthworks, utility line construction, concrete construction, micropiles, nail walls, pavement construction, rehabilitation of natural stone masonry


  • Tight schedule
  • Very tight space conditions
  • Demanding logistics
  • Working under heavy traffic and in steep terrain

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