Bernapark, Erschliessung Marktplatz und Speditionsplatz

Short description

Bernapark AG created the "Bernapark" on an old factory site, a new quarter that combines living, working and leisure in one place. We carried out the civil engineering work for this project. These took place in different parts of the site and in various stages.

The project

First of all, exploratory surveys were carried out to determine whether there were any contaminated sites in the soil. This was followed by excavation work for the district heating, wastewater and electrical lines. In some cases, this required the prior demolition of pavement or concrete slabs as well as underground concrete walls and ducts. Where necessary, trenching was used. Pipeline construction also included the construction of various shafts (ES, KS and SS) with DN up to 3.0m, as well as the connection to existing pipelines and the insertion into the buildings. The latter was done by means of core drilling where necessary. Finally, the pipes were encased, the trenches were filled and compacted, and the reinforced floor slabs were restored or paved. Other rehabilitation, backfilling and environmental works were part of the project. This included grading, surfacing, and concrete work, as well as relocating edge trim, gutters, and candelabra foundations. For the clean water, an outlet into the river Worble including a control shaft made of in-situ concrete was constructed. We designed the surroundings for the playground in the area. Furthermore, a walk-in cavern made of in-situ concrete was created for the feed-through of the district heating pipes. A pumping shaft with a diameter of 2.5 m and a depth of 4.5 m was also relocated, including the laying of the corresponding pipes.

Services in detail


Execution as sole contractor

Implenia Switzerland Ltd. Division Civil Engineering Switzerland CH-3000 Bern

Services provided

Earthworks, pipeline construction, sewer construction, in-situ concrete construction, pavement construction, edge finishes


  • Execution in stages
  • coordination with other contractors on the site
  • Existing utility lines / foundations in the excavation area
  • demolition of reinforced concrete slabs, walls and foundations (difficult to remove)
  • polluted subsoil (foreign substances + contaminated sites); interim storage + sampling

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