E39 Lyngdal Øst - Lyngdal Vest

Short description

E39 Lyngdal East - Lyngdal West stretches from Herdal to Røyskår for a total of 11 km. The project involves a longer road with several tunnels, bridges and complex infrastructure. The contract will be executed as a total contract for Nye Veier. The E39 Lyngdal East - Lyngdal West is being carried out in a working partnership between Implenia Norge and Stangeland Maskin, with Sweco as consulting partner. The works team manages all works in their entirety.

The project

The project includes

  • 5.3 km of road in daytime
  • 6.1 metre double tunnels, divided into two tunnels of 3.7 km and 2.7 km (Rossåstunnelen and Kålåstunnelen)
  • 2 longer bridges of 400 m and 200 m (Kvelland bridge and Hårikstad bridge), and 5 smaller bridges
  • 2 motorway crossings with connections to existing roads

The project is extensive and complex, with both strict execution requirements and much to be produced in a short time.

The project has 5 performance objectives/project targets to be satisfied during the project period

  • Minimise inconvenience to all road user groups and third parties during construction and operation.
  • Realize the objective of an injury and accident free construction and operation period, and without breach of social responsibility.
  • Minimise greenhouse gas emissions and other impacts on the external environment.
  • Zero unresolved disputes at completion.
  • Realize an innovative and future-oriented road project that minimizes construction and life cycle costs.


  • Strict requirements for execution including BIM and load capacity
  • Short production time on large scale


  • CEEQUAL certification on project - professional in own house
  • Climate offer - advisor in own house

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