Fv. 2904 Austvoll III new bridge and road connection

Short description

The project concerns the construction of a new concrete bridge over Hallingdalselva, replacing the existing bridge. The existing bridge has been environmentally remediated on site (demolition, source separation and resilience) before construction of the new bridge. The project also includes adjacent road construction to the south and north of the new bridge, as well as minor work on new lighting, ladder catenaries, and road and transitional racking.

The project

Austvoll Bru is 139 metres long from the outer edge. Bruplata is 128 metres. External width of 8,5 metres and internal width of 7,5 metres.

Foundations of new bridge carried out on steel framed pipe columns in solution. It is used medium time spuntkasser for peling and foundation out in eleven. The construction of the foundations in the eleven is filled with temporary stone filling which constitutes the working platform.

The piling work is very extensive. It hits 800 steel pipe spools at 40 meters depth. In total, 2000 metres of steel pipe coils will be driven on six shafts, four of which are in electric drive. There will also be approximately 4000 m2 of spun steel distributed over four spun boxes in the power shaft.

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