CERN - Galerie UA 53

Short description

All for science: CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire), is one of the largest and most renowned centres for basic physics research in the world. Here, researchers search for the fundamental laws of the universe. At CERN, the world's largest and most complex equipment is used to research the smallest components of matter: the elementary particles.

The project

Implenia Formwork Construction supported with the construction of an additional observation point on the ring of the existing particle accelerator at CERN.

  • 2 vertical shafts with accesses and chambers to the main tube.
  • 4 cut-and-cover tunnels from 15.0m to 55.0m in length, 2 of which have chambers at the end. 
  • Two tunnel formwork cars with two different diameters. Divisible in the middle to be able to realise widenings in width and height.
  • Production of the formwork for the end walls of the respective tunnels, spectacle walls for the various expansions, intersections of tunnel tubes with different cross-sections (shifters) with special formwork.
  • Partition wall formwork for the demarcation of the main tube with the newly constructed side tubes.

Each formwork had to meet the highest exposed concrete requirements.

Services in detail

  • Tunnel formwork carriage with PERI Variokit (provision of formwork: approx. 80 -120 m²)
  • Special formwork for shield and spectacle walls (single-sided with Trio Aluminium)
  • Special formwork for upstands and vaults
  • Accesses by means of TG 60 stair tower
  • Trio - Aluminium formwork for shafts and vaults
  • Special formwork for intersections of the tunnel tubes (shifters)
  • Special formwork for the Sonic Boom

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