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The extension of the Metro B in Lyon achieves keys milestones

Coline went into the ground once again on 3 April after 28 days of crossing the Oullins Centre station and is expected to emerge before the end of the second quarter of 2021 at the Orsel shaft. The departure of the station under an R+10 building, as well as its arrival on 6 March, are decisive events for this major construction project carried out by the Implenia (Contractor)/Dematheiu Bard consortium.

An emotional step for the team and the client :

Since leaving the launch shaft in November 2019, Coline has covered 2 km, laid 1100 precast segments and excavated more than 500,000 T of material, 50,000 T of which is recycled directly on site, saving more than 2,000 truck journeys (7 trucks full time). There are still 400m to go before it reaches its final destination, the "Orsel" shaft, the current terminus of the line.

Major construction work was necessary to enable this genuine factory train (120m long, 9.75m diameter of excavation, 1700 tons) to pass through the station.

This impressive underground factory employs around twenty operators organised into 5 teams who take turns working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At the height of its activity, Coline digs at a rate of more than 10m per day.

The diverse and complex geology of the region is one of the many challenges of this project. The multi-density tunnel boring machine was designed to cut through a wide range of different layers (granite, silty lenses, alluvium), using a specially developed technical slurry for this project. 

Caption: A steel bell was installed against the cast wall to maintain the containment pressure of the TBM.

The metro station « Oullins Centre »

In the future "Oullins Centre" station, the different levels of the building are now completed and reveal impressive dimensions. The side panels of the central mezzanine have been completed, and the 13m high columns have been finished. The columns will remain in raw concrete and are already visible in their final form.

We congratulate the teams of the consortium for the quality of the intense work carried out.