Topics and projects

Implenia erecting an integrated centre for initial and continuing training for all emergency service organisations in Zurich

The emergency service organisations in Zurich live by the motto “know the minds to go to in times of crisis”. To make this motto all the more applicable, initial and continuing trainings are to take place at a central venue in the future. That is why a carefully designed training complex for emergency medical services, the police and fire brigades is being created at Areal Rohwiesen in north Zurich.

The project involves updating already existing facilities while also expanding the existing centre. The Zurich electorate overwhelmingly approved the project in 2017 with a yes vote of 85.5%. Now the planning is done and it is time to start construction.

Implenia has been entrusted to carry out the project as master builder. With the ground-breaking ceremony, it is delighted that work can definitely begin. The project is of the utmost importance for Zurich and especially for the emergency service organisations. The prominence of the participants at the official ground-breaking ceremony fit the occasion. In attendance were:

  • André Odermatt, Head of the Buildings Department
  • Karin Rykart, Head of the Safety Department
  • Sandra Zacher, Deputy Director, Buildings Office
  • Astrid Staufer, Staufer & Hasler Architekten

Our master builders have their work cut out for them. Renovation and expansion will be carried out in a single work phase. This approach cuts down on construction time, which the city considers a major added benefit. Besides Implenia serving as master builder, Civil Engineering also took part. As subcontractor of Kibag, it produced the in-situ concrete piles (numbering about 150).