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Health & Safety Award 2023: These are the winners

Implenia presents the Health & Safety Award once a year in order to learn from and reward good examples in occupational health and safety. This year's award ceremony took place at the Implenia Extended Leadership Forum (IELF) at the company's headquarters in Opfikon on 13 September 2023. First place went to an interdisciplinary team with its mobile SOS station. The "Safety+ Baumeister Deutschschweiz" programme and the Marienhof project team in Munich were awarded second and third place.

The first-place team created the prototype of a mobile SOS station and tested it at the TOKEH project in Zurich. The SOS station gathers all the important utensils for an incident in one place, such as a defibrillator, emergency kit, eye wash, fire extinguisher and fire blanket. It can be moved by crane or pallet trolley to wherever it is needed.

Ralf Walser has 35 years of experience in the industry and is currently working at the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS). There he launched the "Safety+ Baumeister Deutschschweiz" programme, which won second place in the Health & Safety Award 2023. The measures from the programme are scalable and can be transferred to all projects. 

The Marienhof project in the middle of Munich's city centre welcomes up to three groups of visitors per week. For the safety briefing of new employees and visitors, the project team works with the BIM model, which clearly shows danger areas and escape routes. With this measure, the team won third place in the Health & Safety Award.

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