Winterthur Town Village

Short description

A multi-use, multi-faceted development with a community focus.

The project

Town Village includes a total of 61 apartments, with 60% of the units reserved for elderly occupants.  The remaining apartments include single-occupant and family-sized units, as well as a residential facility for people living with developmental disabilities. 

The Quellenhof Foundation program at Town Village will run training facilities and workshops for people living with developmental disabilities.  The apartments at Town Village include modular spaces that can be readily converted to provide varying degrees of assisted living. 

Services in detail

  • Narrow tolerances for façade elements 
  • Wooden exterior walls
  • Wooden façade
  • Alucobond façade


  • Scheduling
  • Logistics
  • Assembly of external walls
  • Ensuring the precision of the façade elements

Further information

Execution04.2018 - 09.2019
UseResidential, commercial
Number of housesThree residential blocks
Wall elements2,500 m²
Wooden façade1,500 m²
Alucobond façade1,800 m²

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